Knowledge Providers is specialized in delivering Management Educations for future senior Management. We combine within our Management Educations all 3 necessary tools to be successful as a Senior Plant Manager:
  • Leadership Tools in order to handle groups and to establish balanced teams. Participants should be better equiped to develop the right actions to improve the bottom line.  
  • Presentation Techniques in order to convince people at any level on the idea behind those actions and as a next step how to implement those actions 
  • Specific Tools needed to be able to install those actions on the floor (shop floor management, supply chain, IT, finance and reporting)

Education is developed and taught by Dr. John Yanouzas and John Nijhuis.

On this page you can get an idea on who we are at KNOWLEDGE PROFILE.

Under KNOWLEDGE MATERIAL you will find an overview of some of the materials we use during our education sessions for bottleneck management.